Monday, July 21, 2008

The Secret Society

Hey All,

I received a first class free invitation letter from (The Secret Society), and that they have existed for many years, an exclusive association of some of the world most famous and powerful people and that they have uncovered some shockingly powerful secrets. They keep the secrets to themselves and that's how they have achieved great prosperity. Then the letter goes on to tell me that I posses several rare traits and that I was hand picked from people around the world because my hidden talents must be phenomenal for members to select me. To make a long story short they have you fax a confirmation page back to them stating you could receive their book on (The Greatest Kept Secrets Of All Time,) for free, so I faxed the letter back too them and in 2 days I received the above book (70 pgs) and another letter. This one of course involved the rest of the book (1200 pgs) for just $139.95 and all your credit information. (DON'T DO IT).
STORY I - The Greatest Kept Secrets of All Time for Money, Power,Romantic Love!
STORY II - Predicting and Controlling Future Events For Money, Power, and Romantic Love
STORY III - The Ten-Second Miracle
STORY IV -The Society Prevents Sexual Cheating
STORY V - Uncover the Secret Message: Discover Riches and Immortality
You could go to Barns And Nobel and purchase numerous (from rags to riches novels). This is truly a scam

Hey check the Google website on the society if you don't believe me.
Or the BBB in Dover, DE